What’s it all about?

Being part of a global organisation can sometimes feel like you are a small fish in a big pond.

The truth is though that with Rotary the world is really accessible. It’s not long before you’re talking with someone, who knows someone, who’s also part of the ‘global team’!

With Rotary embedded into the Astwood Bank community it means we are connected to other exciting international communities. The connections provide opportunity to learn from each other and help us build a strong society. Our children have possibility to experience exchange programmes and we can share our vocational skills. With Rotary as the conduit, community support is provided via an international two-way street.

Redditch is twinned with Mtwara on the south-eastern tip of Tanzania and has a Rotary Club just like us!  Linking together is the natural thing to do. We’re busy right now connecting with our friends in Mtwara and are ready to explore the array of possibilities that exist between us.

We’re all about doing, being ‘People of Action’! We know there will be exciting projects to uncover for our members and the wider volunteer community network to get involved in. We’ll be reporting on progress over the coming months but in the meantime if you have a link to Mtwara, we’d love to hear from you…

Fill out the form below and connect – we’re excited to learn more…


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