Month Three and the Projects are Coming…

We had a fantastic third meet-up and ideas flowed on how to best support our community

From the twenty-plus initial thoughts that were generated, our members decided to focus on a mix of local and international need, underpinned by fundraising designed to bring the community together.

It’s clear from the number of groups already active in Astwood Bank and the surrounding area, that there is a massive requirement to ensure support for our older population and the Team is looking to build on existing programmes, developing a Dementia Café. Getting a regular structure and appropriate venue is key therefore work is currently underway to see how we can link up with the local Sunshine Club.

Support always needs funding so it makes sense to perhaps bring a link to this new venture by way of a ‘Big Breakfast’ fundraiser. This is an event where we sell tickets in advance and on the day, for a hot, cooked breakfast – a great social activity supported by local butchers, bakers, greengrocers and/or convenience stores to make sure that the best level of profit is gained to put into the charitable cause.

We live in a world that experiences many natural and human-made disasters. From here in Astwood Bank we are able to offer help; it might be only a small amount but it truly makes a difference to the lives of those affected. We have chosen to give that support through the network of ‘box-schemes’ that are run and/or funded through Rotary. Two key schemes will be Shelterbox and Aquabox. Additionally, although it’s a subject that is often shied away from, we are going to help tackle the major issue of sanitary provision for young girls and women in developing or war-torn countries. We will be seeking your support as we push forward on this project.

Our younger generations also need support and the first step forward on this is to look to establishing an Interact Group (12 – 18 year olds), directly linking to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, where they can develop skills, grow their confidence and learn how giving back is an important part of being a supportive member of society. The hope is that with their help, we’ll perhaps be able to combine the Big Breakfast with car-cleaning and maybe even establish a Half Marathon but more on that next month!



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