We’re Just Getting Started!

We are just getting started here in Astwood Bank and would love for local residents and people who work in the village and surrounding area to help create a new Rotary group.

In coming together once a month (online meetings will be happening too!) the aim is to share ideas and create opportunities to make life for others a bit better than it might otherwise be.

When you share thoughts with others, problem solving can reach a new level of creativity! There will be room for all as we find out what ignites our enthusiasm to get involved and make a difference - we all have something to bring to the party...

Don't be shy just pop along on Monday 8th January 2018 to The Bell (@6pm - 7pm) and meet some of your neighbours over a cup of coffee or maybe a beer!

To let Amanda know that you'd like to come along or if you want to find out more, simply fill in the contact form below.

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