Developing the Community Needs Plan

The team has now started work looking at community needs generally within society. 

We’ve given particular focus to the community needs of the Astwood Bank area but are also reviewing overseas aid requirements; project ideas are ranging from establishing a local Dementia Café through to providing sanitary protection for girls and women in war-torn areas. The team has discussed twenty-two ideas so far and it’s clear there is much to do.

Ideas are just the start point for social innovation. The next steps involve us drilling down into the key areas of need and creating plans that will lead to action! We are  creating teams, People of Action teams….

People of ActionUsing the skills of people from right here in our own community we can  provide vital support to others in need. When people have access to opportunities, feel they are valued within their community, have an equal voice and are empowered to contribute, the whole of society gets stronger.

This isn’t about being a ‘do-gooder’, it’s about doing what’s right.

When the community supports the community it gets stronger and everyone benefits.

Our Purpose

We are assessing community needs to help make our society stronger. There are community groups within Astwood Bank already. Some support and develop our younger citizens, some support older, vulnerable citizens. Our purpose is to look at the bigger picture, making connections and bringing forward opportunities to place new pieces into the jigsaw puzzle of society where tiles are missing.

Rotary is a membership association that brings value from a globally networked organisation operating at the local level and we want people to get involved and work with us.

If you would like to give back some of your time and talent, then just let us know…

Use the form below to make contact and we’ll tell you more!

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