Some of the more frequently posed questions are answered below but if you need to know something more, please do ask!

What is Rotary?

Integral to the fabric of community life since 1905, Rotary is a collection of 1.25 million passionate individuals in over 35,000 clubs worldwide. We are both an international organisation and a local community leader; together we lead change in our backyards and across the world.

WE SEE DIFFERENTLY: our multidisciplinary perspective helps us see challenges in unique ways

WE THINK DIFFERENTLY: we apply leadership and expertise to social issues and find unique solutions

WE ACT RESPONSIBLY: our passion and perserverance create lasting change

Is there a Membership Fee?

Yes, each member pays a subscription to support the Rotary network locally, nationally and internationally. Active membership unlocks access to business and community leaders in over 200 countries, provides project support, leadership development and training, public liability insurance and full legislative backup (health and satefy, safeguarding and equality compliance).

With a strong membership subscription model, every penny donated is used on the specific community project it was intended for, not on administrative overheads as so often required by other charities.

How much will membership cost?

The weekly cost of a cup of coffee will cover your membership subscription fee! £10 per month is payable, usually by direct debit for convenience.

What can I expect?

You can enjoy social and business networking, personal development, have a great deal of fun while experiencing the fulfillment that comes from achieving something worthwhile.

Who typically joins Rotary?

Open to men and women of all ages and backgrounds there is no 'typical' member. As a member using your time, talents, professional skills and energy you will be welcomed and help improve the lives of people in our local communities and around the world.

Can my family join in?

Absolutely! We can offer family membership (typically £20 per month for two adults plus any/all <19 year old family members) or simply invite your family to help as volunteers at the variety of fun activities and fundraisers that are part of Rotary life.